“Hands down, THE BEST! In the five years I’ve been using 1337, I’ve completely stopped using ProTools, Logic & FLStudio. Now, with the stability and ability of Ardour inside of 1337, I don’t even need Reaper. For me it isn’t just about all the money I’ve saved (nice perk though) but rather low latency, no track bogging, sound quality, and seamless plugNplay integration. Works great as an OS too and makes it possible to game online with your rich friends who have way newer computers, haha!” – Bre Asop

“I have a couple thousand in Windows software, and for $50, I’m finding out I can get close using Leet on an old single core 2.7ghz with 2 gigs ram, to results I’m getting on my quadcore 8gb Windows 7 with a lot of expensive software…. Un freakin’ believable is all I got to say.” – Chris Olson

“Leet is filled with genius.” – greengeek

“Keep up the great work this is the best DAW on the planet!” – Amir Jabri

“I´m an audiophile and a computer enthusiast. I use a computer as a transport to supply digital signal to my DAC. I´ve already given Studio a try and I´ve liked it so much. Easy to use like no other distro and I got the lowest latency with it. Great sound!” – João Fraga

“The look is good… and your music software selection is really impressive. You have had vision, purpose, skills, and determination. Really great product. Thank you very much.” – pemasu

“For the price of a few coffees and pastries, a flailing Windows user can get a usb stick with a secure OS, with excellent and well-YouTubed apps, all in working order. The doorstop Ubuntu/Fedora/Windows manual, can stay in its rightful place. This is for musicians.” – slowpick

“Why is Mac/Apple always considered to be the musician’s choice? Anyone? It’s the kernel. It is designed completely different. Consider this… the whole of the OS is loaded into RAM. Provided you have enough. Never mind the kernel! ” – 01micko

“Have you ever compared Studio 13.37 side by side with the others? I have… Show me one that even comes close, or has its programs compiled against an RT kernel, or runs in RAM… The attention to detail is incredible… It is really an amazingly useful piece of software. And I have yet to tap a small percentage of its capabilities.” – Jayguitarman

“I just want to say that I have Studio 13.37 with Service Pack 1, and I use it 24/7 as my main OS. I play and teach music throughout the week at several locations including a university… Studio 13.37 hasn’t let me down yet. The complete usefulness of this OS is just difficult to fully describe.” – geo_c

“Some of the best audio production software available for Linux – and it is EASY to use. The fact that it is running with an rt-kernel and delivers extremely low latencies, is very small, can be booted from usb and runs in ram HAS to attract some serious musicmakers out there!! I recommend it for beginners as well, because it’s so simple and JUST WORKS.” – maans

“Have been using this OS since its inception, does exactly what it claims and quite quickly, too! I have really loaded it with additional software and absolutely no glitches. I use it on both my desktops and my EeePCs. A must-have.” – Chris Alexander

“Fast and very capable, record from VST’s and Linux apps at the same time… plug in an instrument, and press record… The man did say it’s fast!” – chan

“Like a dream come true!” – m005k